Tanzania is set to host their 1st Repentance Event in January 2021

Please Join Bishop Eliud from Tanzania in their Very First

National Day of Repentance Event

We are very excited to report that Bishop Eliud has taken up the challenge for Tanzania, and is in the process of organizing their First Ever National Day of Repentance in Tanzania...!!!

He is inviting all Preachers, Churches and Intercessors from Tanzania to join hands with him, and to come between Thursday the 28th and Saturday the 30th of January 2021, and come and pray and intercede for Tanzania through Repentance and Intercession.

Bishop Eliud will also be joined by Prophet Deophister Namwinga from Zambia on the day.

They will be gathering at the Kapele Village Hall in Momba, Songwa, Tanzania between 8am and 2pm each day.

The theme for these 3 days will be taken from Isiah 52:14-15 and Matthew 26:65-68, and covering the following Repentance and Prayer Points:

1. Repentance
2. Salvation
3. Peace
4. Church unity.

1. Witchcraft
2. Drunkenness
3. Marriage Restoration
4. False Teachings.

We want to invite you, if you are anywhere near Tanzania between these 3 days, come and join them at least for one day, but if you can, stay for all 3 services, and pray with us for Tanzania.

OR: If you can't make it for whatever reason, please join us in Repentance Prayers and Intercede for Bishop Eliud, Prophet Deophister and Tanzania, to hear God's voice, to see His manifested presence, and to experience His Forgiveness and Hand of Blessing and Protection over Tanzania...

We will capture as much as we can from the day, and bring you all the feedback and Testimonies afterwards.

May God Bless Tanzania !!!


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